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Nat. Sulph.

Tissue Salt number 12: Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4.10H20)

Nat. Sulph. provides help with

  • Eliminating excess water and acid
  • Dealing with biliousness and nausea
  • Liver upsets

Nat. Sulph. is found in the liver and body fluids, and it works together with Nat. Mur. (salt number 9, Sodium Chloride) to regulate the body fluids.

Facial analysis

The presence of the following signs on the face may indicate a need for Nat. Sulph.
  1. Skin
    • Green-yellow complexion, especially forehead and temples
    • Bluish redness in the nose
    • Bluish redness in front of the ears
  2. Around the eyes
    • Redness in the external corner of the eye
  3. Around the mouth
    • Tongue looks dirty and greenish

Chemical representation of the Nat. Sulph. molecule

Note: the representation below does not include the 10 water molecules. Sodium Sulphate molecule

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