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What are Tissue Salts?

Tissue salts (also known as cell salts, biochemic salts or Scheussler salts) are minerals which our bodies need, in order to maintain good health. They are commonly used in homeopathic medicine.

Dr. William Schuessler They were discovered by a 19th century German doctor, Dr. William Scheussler. He discovered that when human body cells are reduced to ash, they contained 12 mineral salts.

These mineral salts are:
  1. Calcium Fluoride (Calc. Fluor.)
  2. Calcium Phosphate (Calc. Phos.)
  3. Calcium Sulphate (Calc. Sulph.)
  4. Iron Phosphate (Ferr. Phos.)
  5. Potassium Chloride (Kali. Mur.)
  6. Potassium Phosphate (Kali. Phos.)
  7. Potassium Sulphate (Kali. Sulph.)
  8. Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. Phos.)
  9. Sodium Chloride (Nat. Mur.)
  10. Sodium Phosphate (Nat. Phos.)
  11. Sodium Sulphate (Nat. Sulph.)
  12. Silica (Silica)
Tissue salts have proved to work remarkably quickly and effectively. They are generally available in two forms:
  • As minute amounts of the salt, in a lactose-base soluable tablet
  • As minutes amounts of the salt in an alcohol base, for those who are severely lactose-intolerant.

The tablets, one or two at a time, are usually placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. The salts are absorbed into the bloodstream via the bloodvessels under the tongue, thus becoming immediately available, instead of having to wind their way through the digestive system.

Alternatively, the tablets can be crushed and dissolved in a little water.

The liquid form of the salts is usually dissolved in water and drunk.

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